Movement Art Space provides classes, workshops and events for all ages and levels with three specific specialized programs

Dance Educ
ation provides students with a healthy environment to learn about expression, confidence, art, culture, connection, socialization, posture, strength and flexibility (both mentally and physically), as well as provide lessons in self esteem, worth, beauty, and empowerment. MAS offers a full dance program focusing on artistic expression through dance for all ages to learn solid technique, cultural context, and performing skills with opportunities for advancement and continual education. 

Fun, motivating, diverse whole body fitness for men and women! MAS offers daily fitness classes in pilates, yoga, dance conditioning, bootcamp, and more geared for both the person just starting an exercise regime as well as cross training for the already active person. Additionally, nutrition workshops and personal training are unique elements to MAS that ensure success for students. 

Artistic development within bellydance for the devoted hobbyist and the aspiring professional. MAS houses a 12 week mentorship program created, directed and facilitated by Aubre Hill where artists dive into developing their own artistic voice through bellydance. 
Dancers must apply to this program which includes technique training, artistic development, one on one mentorship, and a full performance. Each program is kept to a small group to focus on each artist's progression. Dancers are accepted based upon goals, commitment, and artistic dedication. The group meets weekly for creative lessons, lectures, and group assignments. Additionally dancers will have a MAS pass to attend 3 classes a week (Aubre will help select which would be most beneficial) during the program. Total cost for this 12 week program is $600 and can be split into monthly payments. Dancers will also need to purchase selected books, notebook, and costuming for performance. Costs of these materials can creatively be kept to a minimum of an estimated $100-200. Scholarship & Work Trade can be available under specific circumstances. MAS is the training ground for soloists as well as group artists and the home for the Qabila Foundation, Lumina Dance Co, and MAS Bellydance Troupe.