Class Descriptions


American Tribal Style (ATS)

American Tribal Style® belly dance (ATS®) is a modern style of improvisational group bellydance created by FatChance BellyDance (FCBD) Director, Carolena Nericcio. ATS® is a defined set of movements rooted in the traditional dances of North Africa, Central Asia, and India. ATS® is known for its strong posture, defined isolations, subtle cues, group formations, and improvisational style. In this general skills class you will learn the basic moves of ATS®, the original tribal style belly dance. Learn to dance by drilling the basics in fun combinations. Using both slow movements and fast steps we'll get you dancing in your first class!  Each class will include warm up and stretch, posture, one slow move, one fast move and plenty of drills. You are welcome to drop-in on this class after the course has started as we have plenty of review built into each class.  

What to wear: Appropriate dress includes full skirt or yoga pants, short top, tank top or leotard (wear something comfortable that conforms to your body so you can see yourself move!) and optional hip scarf. Bare feet or dance shoes totally acceptable. You will need a pair of zils/ sagat (finger cymbals) by the third class.


Classical ballet with a strong focus on integrated technique for safe turnout, strong & precise movements, grace, and elegant posture. Traditional bar warmup, cross the floor combinations, and center floor adagio & jumps.

What to wear: form fitting clothing that easily stretches for full body movement. Ballet shoes recommended.


Rooted in the social dances of the Middle East and Arab World, bellydance has evolved into a wide range of styles as it spans the globe. This class focuses on solid technique separate from stylization (unless specifically noted), developing body awareness for full expression, posture, musicality, cultural context, and artistic expression. Full warmup, strength & flexibility training, technique drills, and combinations to apply technique in stylistic exploration. Level I is geared towards beginners and those wishing to refine their basics. Level I/II is a mixed level class welcoming beginners to intermediate dancers. Level II is for the intermediate dancer with a focused on building tempo, clarity, and ownership. Level III is geared toward to advanced dancer with a focus on complex combinations, musicality, and awareness.

What to wear: Form fitting clothing that easily stretches for full body movement. No shoes needed. Hipscarf option. 


This ongoing class covers burlesque technique- from basics such as bump ‘n’ grind combinations, turns, spins, and costume removal to more advanced movements, such as flexibility training and floor work, prop use, attitude and character work. We will also learn about costuming- fastenings and closures; how to deal with “reverse wardrobe malfunctions”; stage make-up tips, crowd control and developing a stage persona. Please bring high heels, a costume or panties and a bra, gloves, a boa or any other costume pieces or props you may wish to use in class.  *** THIS CLASS IS PG RATED- NO NUDITY REQUIRED

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance blends the musicality of jazz styles with a modern dance aesthetic for a gracefully, quirky, and flowing movement style.  Strengthen your dancing from the ground up with a technical warm up and then progress into both across the floor and choreographic combinations.  This multi level class will help you build confidence with directional changes, levels, expression, and how to translate movement for individual learning style.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a noncompetitive, creative way for children ages 3-4 to explore movement through music, develop coordination and body awareness, learn about their surroundings in space and time, and encourages social interaction and imaginative play. Boys and girls are encouraged. 

What to wear: Clothes comfortable for full body movement. No shoes needed. 

Dance Bootcamp

For intense dance training and an amazing workout, Dance Bootcamp is for dancers and non-dancers alike. Cardio, strength training, deep stretches, dynamics, coordination, and balance all in fun combinations to healthfully push the body to new fitness and dance technique. 

Full Body Fit

Full Body Fit is a fun new approach to fitness that never gets boring for you or your body. Workouts address the entire body including cardio, strength & flexibility with different exercises to keep things fun and dynamic for complete fitness. An incredible workout for all levels. 


Based upon self expression through street dance, hiphop has become hugely popular with the growth and prevalence of hiphop music and culture. This class focuses on old school, funk, and pop & lock moves to develop vocabulary to create dance play and freestyle confidence. Aerobic, noncompetitive, and fun. Everyone has something to express and share on the dance floor.  

What to wear: Clothes comfortable for full body movement. Sneakers recommended. 


Rooted in the vernacular dances of Africa and the Caribbean, Jazz dance is a theatrical based form influenced by popular music and strong technical training made popular by choreographers Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, and others. This class will provide a solid foundation of jazz technique including isolations, turns, jumps, traveling, and expressive lines. Warm-up, cross the floor, and combinations for a fun full body workout for the brand new beginner, dancer experienced in other styles wishing to cross train, or those returning to jazz to refine their basics. 

What to wear: Form fitting clothing that easily stretches for full body movement. Jazz or other soft soled dance shoe recommended. 

The Late, Late Show

This is not an ordinary dance class. The Late, Late Show is a place where focused movement meets high creativity. After a rigorous warm up, we’ll run follow-along multi-genre technique drills for belly dance, burlesque and old school jazz, followed by intense stretching. The second half of the class we’ll work on improv, theater games, and performance polishing. We’ll work on building and perfecting your pieces for the stage or competition, so bring your music, your ideas, finished pieces or works–in-progress. Be prepared to perform, to give and receive constructive critique, adapt, revise and perform again.

Level: Intermediate through professional dancers

Pilates mat

Learn the fundamentals of classical pilates in this mat class. Based upon developing core strength and alignment before going into movement for more strength and support, pilates has proven to be great cross training for all fitness goals. Improve posture & breathing. Decrease back pain. Move through life with ease. Develop flexibility and decrease stress. This class will focus on the classical sequence of pilates mat work with specific attention to personal modifications to increase success and development. 

What to wear: Workout gear that is comfortable to lay in (be careful of zippers & bulky pockets) that also stays in place as limbs are moved around. Pilates/exercise mat (few mats are available to borrow, please bring a towel). No shoes. 

Restorative Movement

Rebalance & align your body with this multi-disciplined practice incorporating deep stretches, fascia release, and breath. Alleviate pain and stress in this relaxing class. Classes will be taught by Aubre Hill and Stefanie Bernhard. Bring a mat if you have; we have some to borrow as well. All levels welcome.


Based upon traditional ashtanga sequencing, practitioners will learn a flow series to build strength, stamina, flexibility, and awareness. This class is designed to be challenging to each student at their own level. All experience levels are welcome.  

What to wear: clothing for ease of full range movement, yoga mat (few available to borrow) & towel/blanket